Posted by: Arvid | April 30, 2014

No License and Season Closed

The past few years, at this time of the year, there has been a flock of pelicans along with a few cormorants that stop and fish in front of the house for a day or so. I’m sure they have no license and the season is closed. They most likely have over the limit. It’s something the way they work together. The cormorants dive down and the fish come up towards the surface to the waiting mouth of a pelican.

The two week harvest season for sturgeon is on. Fishing can be either very good or poor depending on  water conditions after ice out. The ice went out of Four Mile Bay on Easter and the following Tuesday, fishing was terrific. Then, one of the Rainy’s tributaries broke loose and the river got dirty and the fishing slowed. It takes a few days to clean up before fishing improves. The DNR is in a tagging program for sturgeon and last weekend, with about 200 boats between Sportsman’s Lodge and the Lighthouse Gap, it provided ample opportunity to tag fish before releasing them. I understand that about 75% of the boats are not interested in harvesting a sturgeon; they just want to get an 80 inch one.

It’s not long until the walleye opener and with the late spring, the river could be good.


Busy Fishing


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