Posted by: Arvid | March 3, 2014

It Won’t End

If it has been above zero anytime over the past three days, it hasn’t been by much and not for very long. It’s a winter that won’t end. The Bosch winter test season is about over with only a handful of guys here. I talked to Tom yesterday and he told me that they still had one of the shanties left on the river. He said that nobody was going to use it and the holes were open and the heat was on. They had caught a couple of fish the night before and since Diane had a ladies dinner at the church I thought a couple hours of staring at a couple of ice holes would be in order. It turned out to be ok. I caught three nice walleyes; 14″, 16″ and 26″. I’m not sure what the largest walleye for the Bosch winter test season is; maybe that’s the one Tom should have caught.


26″ walleye – taking a picture when alone is difficult


Access to the river by the airport


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