Posted by: Arvid | October 12, 2013

Way To Busy

My friend, Terry, thinks he’s way to busy with work and all. I told him “just wait until you retire and you’ll find out what it’s like to be busy”.

We’ve been gone this past week. We were at Jonathan’s last weekend for a visit and watched grand-daughter, Rachel, play soccer. We were expecting to see more color on the trees, but southern Minnesota was still pretty green. From there we drove to Jodi and Steve’s vacation place in Wisconsin. Scott is on Fall break and he and Steve are there for the two-day  youth deer hunt (was not successful), some squirrel hunting and golf. The three days we were there, the weather was great and the Fall colors were near their peak. Diane and Scott played golf two days and we tried a little fishing without much success. We were fishing for crappies or pike, but only caught two little largemouth bass. There were a few squirrels around, but with all the leaves on the trees, it’s pretty had to see them. Scott did get one the day after we left. Now we have two squirrel hunters in the family. Grandson, Matt, has been hunting them in Indiana.

On the home front; fishing reports are good. I’ve had a couple reports from the Lake that were very good and the river has enough fish to keep most everybody happy. Now I just have to find time to get out myself.


Scott, the squirrel hunter



Scott with a little largemouth bass


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