Posted by: Arvid | August 14, 2013

Fishing Bluegills

On Monday, Willard and I hooked up the boat and headed for Gull lake in bluegill country. It was a nice day, but a lot more breeze than we were expecting. We fished the middle of the afternoon;  not the most ideal time but we caught plenty of fish, but not the big ones that we were looking for. We also caught two walleyes and that was a bit of a bonus. It was nice to spend a day fishing bluegills.

Fishing on Lake of the Woods has been slow on this end of the lake. I understand that there has been an afternoon bite way out in 34 feet of water. The river seems to have a lot of small fish. Hate to say it, but Fall isn’t far off and fishing will change.

It has been a great berry year with lots of nice blueberries. After a couple of years with none, it was fun to be picking again.


Willard with a nice bluegill


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