Posted by: Arvid | July 19, 2013

Not quite the one

Jodi and Scott left today for their Wisconsin place. It was nice having them here and we enjoyed having good weather. We fished a short time each day for sturgeon and for the three days, we caught nine, but not quite the one we hoped to get. Wednesday forenoon, in just a short time, we caught three sturgeon, a small walleye, a sauger and a redhorse. Scott caught a 36″ sturgeon; an inch short of his largest, but it gave him quite a battle that he enjoyed. Jodi caught her first sturgeon the other evening and with the knack she has for catching big fish, I was sure that she would tie into a big one. It didn’t happen this trip, and they both have that to look forward to sometime.

The battle

The Battle

Scott with 36 inch sturgeon

The Reward – Scott with a 36″ sturgeon


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