Posted by: Arvid | July 13, 2013

More Practice

Terry and I spent Friday on the river fishing sturgeon; I’ve been after him for a long time to do that. After being out-done a bit when we fished Red Lake a few weeks ago, he said that he needed more practice. Well, he’s been practicing and he got the best of me on Friday. We spent most of the day, starting a little after nine, taking an hour or so for lunch and quitting about six when some rain was coming. With the two sessions, we caught nine sturgeon, four walleyes and two suckers. We kept one walleye, about 15″ and released the others. We measured three of the sturgeon; 30″, 34″ & 47″. Six were just those little guys; about 12″-24″. Terry caught seven of the sturgeon, including the 47″. Being a perch, bluegill and walleye guy, he was impressed with the strength of the fish. All the sturgeon were released as Terry wasn’t interested in keeping one and didn’t have a tag. He was quite concerned that I wouldn’t be real accurate in writing about this, but I’ll give credit where credit is due.


Terry with a 47″ sturgeon


Terry with one of the little guys


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