Posted by: Arvid | February 17, 2013

A Nice Fish

With the walleye bite having slowed, I turned my attention to pike. Pike fishing hasn’t been that great either, but I’ve managed to get enough for a batch of pickled pike and I’d like to try a pike paddy recipe that a friend gave me.

Early Saturday afternoon I went down by the bridge for a couple of hours. Only one flag on the tip-up, but it was a good one; a dandy 38″ pike. It was a slot fish; 30″ to 40″ must be released. I caught a small one, maybe 18″, on a jig stick and released that, so I came home with nothing.

The other evening, one of the Bosch Boys, Jeff, caught two nice walleyes; 23″ and 26″. Those were the only two fish he caught.

Saturday morning it was almost twenty below zero when I got up and by early afternoon it was fifteen above. The sun is starting to have some impact and it won’t be long until the snow starts to melt. That should improve fishing.

38 inch pike

38″ Pike. A pretty fish

Jeff with 26 inch walleye

Jeff with a nice 26″ walleye


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