Posted by: Arvid | June 19, 2012

Two Years Later

A doctor’s appointment gave Diane and I an excuse to take a little detour through Wadena on our way to Fargo this past weekend. It was two years to the day that the tornado ripped through the west side of Wadena causing an unbelievable amount of damage. Diane and I were in Wadena that weekend for a school reunion and were, fortunately, on the east side of town when it hit. Much has been done to fix and clean-up Wadena. Many homes and buildings have been repaired and some have been torn down. Old trees have been replaced by little ones that will take years to reach the size of those they replaced. The memories of that weekend will last for years.

Fishing reports haven’t been all that good. Friends that I’ve talked to have been fishing the Lake; catching some saugers , but the walleyes are hard to come by. I fished the river last Friday evening and caught about a dozen fish; five small walleyes; the rest saugers. I kept four small saugers; enough for a meal and released the rest.

 Wadena High School just hours after the tornado hit – June 17, 2010

The new school, close to completion – June 17, 2012



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