Posted by: Arvid | April 6, 2012

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After fishing last weekend with nothing to get excited about, I gave it a couple of days off. Then my neighbor, Jeff, and I fished the airport and Hattie’s Wednesday and Thursday mid-afternoon’s for 2-3 hours. Each day there was a bite for the first hour or so and then they just shut off. Wednesday, we caught four slot fish from 21″ to 28-1/2″ and had a camera with a dead battery. We also had four nice fish to bring home. Thursday, we caught four slot fish from 23″ to 27″ and three eaters, plus a 49″ sturgeon that was tagged. A call this morning to our DNR fisheries office got a little history of the fish. It was tagged May 6, 2005 in Four Mile Bay and was 37-1/2″ long. This was the first time that it was reportedly caught since being tagged.

I’ve heard stories the past couple of days that there is a good bite out at the lake and up river in the Birchdale area. Also, the bite seems to be better late afternoon, just before dark. This is a great time of the year to do some CPR on a big walleye or sturgeon; catch, photo, and release.

Jeff with 26″ walleye

49″ tagged Sturgeon, yellow tag is behind the fin in front of the tail

A 27″ walleye


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