Posted by: Arvid | February 10, 2012

That time of the year

It’s that time of the year when fishing changes. It may have been good yesterday, but today might be a different story. I can attest to that. Last Sunday was a beautiful day and Diane and I went for a ride to the lake. We fished the same set of holes that we had good fishing two days before and only caught one sauger. We didn’t mark that many fish and those that we did were not interested in biting.

Some of the Bosch boys keep trying the river for an hour or so after work. Lately, they might catch an eater or a little walleye to release and every so often, one of them might catch a nice slot fish. Tom set the bar pretty high with the fish he caught last week, but they’ll keep trying to beat it. They have caught a few small pike out of the shanties, which are located near the middle of the river and that seems a bit unusual. Even the sturgeon bite has slowed. A few weeks ago it seemed like every night someone would catch a big sturgeon or have one on, but not much lately. That could all change as we get closer to March.

Bill with a 24″ walleye

Kevin with his 25-1/2″ walleye




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