Posted by: Arvid | January 17, 2012

A New Years Day Sturgeon

Nick and I were fishing for pike late yesterday (we caught nothing to take home) and while visiting, he told me about this sturgeon that Danielle caught on New Years Day evening. They were fishing in a shanty up river that had partially frozen eight inch holes when Danielle gets hold of this big sturgeon. She fought the fish for over 40 minutes while, at the same time, Nick chiseled out the hole being careful not to cut the line. The head of the fish barely fit through the hole as they brought it in. It was a project just to measure the fish. It was 62 inches and the conversion chart would have it at approximately 62 lbs. and be 38 years old. What a way to start the New Year.

Danielle and Nick with her 62″ Sturgeon

Both ice holes were like the small one when the excitement started.



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