Posted by: Arvid | December 30, 2011

A Really Nice Fish

I caught a really nice fish this morning; a beautiful 30-1/2″ walleye. I can’t hardly remember what I had for dinner last night, but in the 44 years that Grandma Diane and I have lived here I think that fish is only the second walleye over 30″ that I’ve caught. There have been a few under 30″, but not many come along over that. This morning I also caught a 23-1/2″ slot fish, two small walleyes that I released and two that I kept. Our neighbors son, Joe, was fishing not to far away with his uncle and another guy. Joe caught a 56″ sturgeon that barely made it through the hole. That’s a big fish. It was a good morning and a great way to end up 2011.

One big fish – released  for someone else to catch and put on the wall



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