Posted by: Arvid | November 20, 2011

A Scarf for Willie

The third annual Frost Fest to kick off the holiday season was held on Saturday that included a huge craft & vendor extravaganza, fish house parade, tree lighting, magic show, and a short fireworks. There was also a presentation of a scarf for Willie Walleye made by the “Stitch & Bitch” group to help him keep warm during the upcoming winter months.

We have had some very nice weather this Fall, but winter isn’t far away. The river froze over Saturday night and I heard that Red Lake is froze over. The ice might not last as temperatures are supposed to reach the 40’s over the Thanksgiving holiday, but it won’t be long and we’ll have ice. The little fishing shanty is in position to move onto the ice and it won’t take long to set up once it safe to go.


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