Posted by: Arvid | August 31, 2010

Fishing put on hold

Since grandson Matt left six weeks ago we’ve put fishing on hold. It’s been a busy summer with the garden; mowing lawn every few days; berry picking  and the senior pontoon program. A better than average garden has provided us with wonderful fresh vegetables for weeks. The blueberries and juneberries (Saskatoon berries to our Canadian friends) were very good and chokecherries made great jelly and syrup.

Fishing on Lake of the Woods remained very good all summer out in the 32-34 feet of water. Bait fishing was the method preferred by most and was consistently good, but from what I’ve heard; down rigging the last couple of weeks has been a little better. The river has been poor all summer. Even those looking for a sturgeon are finding it not so good.

As we get into September and the days and nights cool we should get a run of shiners which, hopefully, will bring the fish back in the river.

Fall isn’t far off; the days are getting shorter and the hummingbirds are feeding frantically preparing for their journey south.

Hummingbird at the feeder


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