Posted by: Arvid | June 24, 2010

Take a Kid Fishing 2010

Wednesday was the 13th annual Lake of the Woods Take a Kid Fishing day. Each year about 100 kids are treated to a day on the water by community volunteers. Most of the smaller boats, like mine, take two kids; some of the larger ones take three or four and a first mate. This year I had my grandson, Scott, and a local girl, Skyla. With a pretty good breeze out of the northwest I chose not to venture out into the lake and instead fished Four Mile Bay. We fished for about an hour; caught three small walleyes; two of them big enough to clean. Then it was to Pine Island for playtime on the beach for nearly three hours. At one time there were seven boats pulled up on the inside of Pine and nearly twenty kids swimming and playing in the water. We fished for a half hour before heading in; trolling crankbaits and caught a sauger and two small walleyes. The end of the day had a great outdoor cookout at Sportsman’s Lodge with a fish fry, hamburgers, hotdogs and all the trimmings.

The larger boats that were able to go out to the 30-32 feet of water out side the Gap had very good fishing.

Scott & Skyla with Scott’s walleye

Skyla with her walleye

Playing in the waves


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