Posted by: Arvid | April 27, 2010

Ruffed Grouse Drumming

This past weekend I spent some time out by the deer stand looking for the perfect diamond willow stick and also checking to see if any morels are up. The morels are not up, but it’s just about time to cut a few willow sticks; the bark comes off easier at this time of the year. While I was in the woods I heard a ruffed grouse drumming and it reminded me when Topper and I were fishing, he told me that he had been watching a grouse on a drumming log. So when I heard the grouse drumming, I thought that maybe I should see if I could fine him on his log. Down the trail and off through the brush I went in the direction of the drumming. I found him; his two logs and both Saturday and Sunday he was quite active drumming. Monday I took Diane out; we saw him, but he wasn’t drumming. I think it was a little to windy. This afternoon it was beautiful; nice and quiet, so we went out again and this time Diane got to see him and she got some nice pictures. It has been a first for both of us to see a ruffed grouse drumming on a log.

A Ruffed Grouse drumming on his log

Ruffed Grouse on his drumming log

Drumming Log – droppings are on each side of log


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