Posted by: Arvid | March 29, 2010

The River Opens

The seasons change in a hurry.  We have been gone for almost two weeks and when we got back home the snow was gone, except for a few piles pushed up by the snowplows. The river was wide open; the channel opened up under the bridge on March 16th, the second earliest opening since they have been keeping records dating back to 1934. It’s over a month earlier than in 2007; the year we were ice fishing the river near the middle of April. Regardless, it has been a nice welcome to spring.

When we arrived back home there was a noticeable absence of boat traffic. The reports I’m getting are that the fish have not moved  into the river. Yesterday I went out to the Timbermill Park landing and talked to a guy that had just come in. They had gotten no fish; had been all the way out to the Gap and didn’t see much for fish being caught. I suppose with the somewhat abnormal fishing we had on the river this winter, we shouldn’t be surprised when fishing isn’t what it normally is at this time of the year.


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