Posted by: Arvid | January 14, 2010

Not a Jinx

Mick, one of the Reliable Transport drivers, brought some of the Bosch vehicles to Baudette on Tuesday. He had Wednesday off before heading back to Detroit on Thursday. He and I left for the lake about 9:30 on what turned out to be a very nice January day. We went out of Adrian’s some five miles past Pine Island where there is thirty plus feet of water. The fish houses just keep getting moved further and further out into the lake. You can look in any direction and see fish houses.

The first two hours fishing was really slow. I even made a casual comment to Mick that maybe he was a jinx because we were not catching any fish. I had no more than said that, when he caught a nice sauger and a walleye. We ended up keeping a limit; 7 walleyes and 9 saugers and we released a number of small saugers. We never did keep track of who caught the most, but when we were about to quit and it seemed like he did catch the most; he looked at me and said “maybe I’m not a jinx”.

Mick with a nice sauger

A nice limit; four walleyes and four saugers


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