Posted by: Arvid | November 23, 2009

End of Seasons

Let’s call it the end of the seasons. I fished the river twice this past week; once with Don and once by myself. The weather was great, but fishing was poor. Don and I came in with three saugers and one walleye and when I went by myself I kept two saugers. Frustrated, I put the boat away; end of the open water season.

Today was the end of the deer season. We had two weeks of incredibly nice weather. Our group ended up with four deer; could  have had more, but we’ll leave them for next year.

On Thursday, Don and I took another ride down through the forest area. We didn’t see any deer in the forest, but did see a few ruffed grouse and got three. On our travels, we came upon an old fire tower with the trees growing up through the base and a dilapidated  old cabin that we guessed was used by those manning the tower during fire season. That was kinda neat; it was a good day.

An Old Fire Tower

The Old Cabin

The Ruffed Grouse that kept me company by the deer stand


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