Posted by: Arvid | November 6, 2009

Two, two and two

It has taken until November, but finally some time and a couple nice days to take a walk in the woods and look for a grouse. I did that Thursday morning and got two.  Finished the day by fishing near the airport for a short time before dark. It was a bit chilly at 35 degrees and I wasn’t too encouraged, getting only a couple of perch bites the first hour, but then in fifteen minutes I caught two nice walleyes and two saugers. We may have a deer season bite on the river after all.

A kind of neat sight, is to get a somewhat close-up look at the Tundra Swans that stop on their migration south. They like the rice paddies south of town.


Two ruffed grouse

Two nice walleyes

Two nice November walleyes

Swans on rice paddy

Tundra Swans making a stop on their way south


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