Posted by: Arvid | October 17, 2009

MEA Weekend

Many of us are waiting for the weather to shape up and the fish to move in the river and start a good bite; both have been slow in coming.

Jonathan and his two girls are home for the MEA weekend. We made the best of a cold, dreary Thursday by getting a couple odd jobs done around the house and then Jonathan took Rachel skating at the arena. Friday, the weather began to change and Jonathan, Rachel and I fished the river for a couple hours in the afternoon. We caught two walleyes and a perch. Both walleyes were too big to keep. Rachel caught one 21-1/2″ and I caught one 25″. After an early supper Jonathan and I fished the river that last hour before dark and caught five walleyes. Jonathan caught one to big; 22″, one to small and a nice one 17″. I caught one 20″ and an eater. We both lost a fish that we maybe could have kept, so for the short time we fished it wasn’t too bad.

Jon and Rachel with her 21.5 walleye

Jonathan and Rachel with her 21-1/2″ walleye

Jonathan with 22 inch walleye

Jonathan with a nice 22″ walleye


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