Posted by: Arvid | July 3, 2009

One Big Pike

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, Jodi, Scott and I went to the Lake mainly to let Scott play on the beach on Pine Island.  After an hour of doing that we decided to fish for a short time before heading home. Out on the water, I handed Jodi her grandfather’s rod that I had put a line counter reel on and told her that we were going to fish a way that she’d never fished before. I put a small Rapala on her line and told her to take the counter to 120 and we’ll see if anything happens. We had not gone five minutes and she said, “Dad! I got a fish”. Well, when the smoke all cleared we had this 40″ Northern Pike in the boat. At one point we thought the fish had gotten off because the drag loosened completely and the fish swam towards us and the line went slack. That big old fish had a lamprey on it and a couple other scars, but after we measured it and took a couple of pictures we released it no worse than being a little tired from the fight.

Fishing for walleyes was a little anti climatic after that, but we did for a very short time at the Morris Point washout. The water is still a little riled after that four day blow from last weekend, but we did see a few fish being caught in 15′-17′ of water. We caught one 14″ walleye on a crawler; then tried pulling a Rapala up by the Lighthouse Gap without success so we headed for home.

Jodi with her 40 inch Pike

Jodi with her 40″ Northern Pike


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