Posted by: Arvid | June 13, 2009

Rachel’s first walleye

Jonathan, Allison, Rachel & Britta are here for a nice long weekend and they brought great weather with them. They got here and were able to meet uncle Noie and Janice before they left for home. Thursday evening Noie, Janice, Jonathan, Rachel and I fished by the mouth of Baudette Bay for a couple of hours. I was pleasantly surprised; we must have caught twenty walleyes and saugers; most of them small and were released, but we kept a few eaters and Janice had one that was 17″. Rachel caught her first walleye; it was small and she had no trouble releasing it. On Friday morning Jonathan, Allison, Rachel and I fished the same area for just over an hour. Rachel caught two northern in the 20″-25″ range that we released and two walleyes; one 18″.   But, it gets better. This morning the four of us fished the river for about an hour with Jonathan catching a eater and Rachel catching a small northern and two walleyes; a nice eater and a dandy 21″ that she released. On one of the northern she caught the previous day she said she needed help, but we didn’t give her any; she hooked and brought in those fish all on her own. She handled that new rod that we made her this past winter just like an old pro.

Rachel with her first walleye

Rachel’s first walleye

Rachel with 21 inch walleye

Rachel with a dandy 21″ walleye


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