Posted by: Arvid | May 27, 2009

Two out of three

The Memorial Day weekend; two days  sunny, one rainy. Two out of three; that’s good for northern Minnesota.

I gave Whitey a call on Sunday. It was over due that  I take him fishing again. We met at the boat ramp and were fishing shortly after 5:00 pm. Fishing wasn’t fast, but it sure was ok. By a little after 8:00 we had eight nice walleye which we find out when we arrive back at the dock was pretty good. Reports from two parties that went to the lake were not very good and we did not see  many fish caught by the  boats in our area. So, we were happy and Whitey had what he said was enough to stink up the pan.

Whitey with a nice walleye

Whitey with a nice walleye


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