Posted by: Arvid | August 10, 2008

Great Weather

We have been having great weather lately in northern Minnesota. There has been plenty of sunshine with good temperatures;  don’t need to use the air conditioner. Depending on where and how you’ve been fishing, the fishing has been pretty good. Even the river has fish, but most of them are small. I fished a couple of times last week and caught a lot of small walleye and sauger and one that was 21″, nothing to bring home. The river current has slowed considerably; now a 1/2 oz. jig or sinker will do what was taking 1-1/2 oz. a few weeks ago. The sturgeon are getting active and it’s pretty easy to catch one if you want to.  We are in the season to harvest a sturgeon if a person wants to. The season ends September 30th and a special tag is required to take one. Only those between 45 & 50 inches can be taken. I’ve never taken one, but I might do it one of these day; they are great smoked.

August sunset on the Rainy River


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