Posted by: Arvid | June 16, 2008

Small Fish

Uncle Noie & Janice were here for a for a few days visit. It was windy and there were threatening thunderstorms each day. We picked our times and fished the river once or twice each day. The river is high and the current is strong. The report is that Rainy Lake is full so we can expect the river to remain as is for some time. We fished in 13-14 feet of water using a plain hook with a shiner and 1-1/2 oz sinker to stay near bottom. We had plenty of action; caught maybe 20-25 walleye and sauger each time out, but keeping only four or five; the rest were way to small. We caught two sturgeon; Diane’s was 43″ and Noie’s a small two footer. We had a good time; enough fish for a good fish fry and a package for them to take home.

Noie with a nice walleye

Janice with a nice walleye

Diane’s 43″ Sturgeon 


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