Posted by: Arvid | February 7, 2008

Nice Weather

The weather in Baudette has been quite nice the past few days. Even a night of twenty below zero isn’t bad when it gets to ten or fifteen above during the day. The sun is getting higher in the sky and it has some strength to it. However, the forecast for the pond hockey games this weekend isn’t looking so good; below zero all day on Saturday.

Glenn and I have fished the river for an hour or so the last few evenings. There are some nice fish, but not many; most of the time we each catch one or none. Last night was better; Glenn caught three walleyes; a small eater and two about 16″. I caught a 18″ walleye. A friend told me yesterday that he caught two fish the other evening; a little sauger and a 30″ walleye that he released. That’s kind of how fishing in the river is at this time of the year.

Glenn with a nice walleye


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