Posted by: Arvid | January 30, 2008

A Keeper

A new granddaughter this morning, January 30th. Britta is 7 lb. 13 oz. and she’s is definitely a keeper. Jonathan says that she’ll be ready to come up and go fishing before long. Mother and daughter are doing fine. How about these pictures; taken and sent on a BlackBerry.

It’s late January and fishing has slowed on the River. Occasionally there is a report of someone that caught three or four fish, but most of the time it’s one or none. Most of the reports for the south end of the Lake are spotty; some good, but many are not very good. Got a report that fishing was very good up on the Lake around Knight & Bridges islands. I didn’t fish for about two weeks; to busy and to cold.

Britta, six hours old

Rachel with new little sister, Britta

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