Posted by: Arvid | October 26, 2007

The River is still rising

An old friend, Dr. Charles, stopped by the house on Thursday, just as I was getting the boat ready for an hour of fishing. He was on his way home from his place up on the lake between the Northwest Angle and Kenora. The best way for us to visit for an hour was for him to come with me, so he got his jacket and off we went. We went down river by the airport and anchored in about eleven feet of water. The river is still rising and the current is very strong. A brisk south wind was letting up and it was quite nice out. Charlie promptly caught two nice walleye; one 19-1/2″ that he released and one 17″. We ended up keeping two walleye and a sauger. Fishing should be better for this time of the year, but it wasn’t too bad for the short time we were out.

Charlie with a nice 19-1/2″ walleye


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