Posted by: Arvid | March 11, 2007

Sunburn Saturday

It’s March, that time of the year when folks look forward to the river opening up and getting in a few days of boat fishing before the season closes on April 15th. Others though, are happy to stay on the ice as long as they can and some years that’s right up until season closes. It looks like this may be one of those years with over 40″ of ice on the lake and plenty  on the river.

Tom and Glenn are the last two Bosch boys at the Baudette site and after getting their work done and the place closed up for the summer they took a day off to do a little fishing. Saturday, Tom, Glenn, two Reliable transport drivers, six of Tom’s friends up here from Michigan and South Dakota and I went to the lake. It was a beautiful day, sunny, upper thirties, no wind. It was also one of those days when a sunburn was easy to come by with the sun reflecting off the snow. We went out of Zipple Bay and northwest towards Sandy Shore. We stopped in what turned out to be 33 feet of water. Two ice augers got a real workout drilling a pair of holes for eleven guys in 40 plus inches of ice. We fished in that deep water from just before noon until about four o’clock. There were some slow times, but we caught a few fish. Tom, Glenn and I caught twenty-two; twelve saugers and ten walleyes. Not sure how many the rest caught, maybe that many. After 4:00 we moved in to 14 feet hoping for a late evening walleye bite. It didn’t happen, the eleven of us caught about six walleye in the shallower water.

Tom with sauger.jpg
Tom with a nice March sauger
Glenn with Sauger.jpg
Glenn with a nice walleye


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