Posted by: Arvid | February 8, 2007

The Boat

Wednesday morning, Bill M. and I went to Bemidji to get the pontoon boat for our Senior Fishing & Boating Program. It felt a bit strange pulling a boat north with temperatures below zero and knowing there is two foot of ice on the river, probably three foot or more on the lake. We got a few looks. We are now going to have a full top put on the boat locally and it’ll be ready to go when the water isn’t quite so hard.
Bill has his fish house on the river close to the airport and on our way home he invited me to fish with him for the late afternoon bite if there was going to be one. I met him on the river shortly after 4:00 and we fish for a little over an hour. We each caught a nice walleye. Fishing on the river remains slow, but occasionally you hear of someone catching a big fish in the 10-12 lb range. Reports from the lake are mixed, anywhere from fair to good, with fish being caught in various depths.

Winter activities like snowmobiling are almost nil. We have very little snow and the trails have yet to be groomed. Some are riding the river and lake, but it’s not ideal.

Bill with 18 inch walleye.jpg
Bill with a nice 18-1/2″ walleye


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